1977 Cover of Nature Magazine

Nature, December 1977, highlights Dr. Paul Bottomley and colleagues' ground-breaking work in "Zeugmatography", later known as MRI.

Reprinted by permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd: Nature Magazine (Vol. 270 No. 5638) Copyright 1977

MRI Interventions, Inc. is a medical device company that develops and commercializes innovative platforms for performing minimally invasive surgical procedures in the brain and heart under direct, intra-procedural magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, guidance. Since our inception in 1998, we have focused on research and product development in the field of interventional MRI. From 1998 to 2002, we deployed significant resources to fund our efforts to develop the foundational capabilities for enabling MRI-guided interventions and to build an intellectual property position. In 2003, our focus shifted to identifying and building out commercial applications for the technologies we developed in prior years.

We have two product platforms. Our ClearPoint® system, which is in commercial use in the United States, is used to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures in the brain. Our ClearTrace system, which is still in development, will be used to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures in the heart. Both systems utilize intra-procedural magnetic resonance imaging to guide the procedures. Both systems are designed to work in a hospital’s existing MRI suite.

Our products are designed to provide a new, minimally invasive surgical approach to address large patient populations for whom we believe current surgical techniques are deficient. Our ClearPoint system is designed to deliver therapies to treat certain neurological diseases. Our ClearTrace system is designed to deliver therapies to treat certain cardiac diseases. We believe that our two product platforms, subject to appropriate regulatory clearance and approval, will provide better patient outcomes, enable physicians and hospitals to treat more patients, and reduce costs to the healthcare system.

Advancing Patient Care.  Our product platforms are designed to enable physicians to see the target site, guide the surgical instrument to the site, deliver the therapy, monitor for adverse events and complications and confirm the desired results of the procedure, all under high resolution, intra-procedural magnetic resonance imaging. We believe that these capabilities could translate directly into better clinical outcomes for the patients undergoing the procedures due to improved visualization, the potential for the reduction of adverse events and side effects, as well as the potential for faster recovery times.

Providing Care for More Patients. We believe that our ClearPoint system may enable physicians to treat patients who would otherwise not be able to be treated utilizing current surgical techniques.  In addition, by providing direct, intra-procedural visualization, we believe our ClearPoint system could reduce the amount of time needed to perform procedures and enable physicians to treat more patients in a given period of time.

Reducing Costs and Improving Economics. We believe that use of our products may result in more efficient utilization of healthcare resources and physician time. Our product platforms are designed to work in a hospital’s existing MRI suite, which adds additional utility for an infrastructure investment that has already been made by the hospital. Further, we believe our intra-procedural visualization capabilities and streamlined workflows may reduce procedure times, increase efficiencies and improve the overall economics of the procedures for both the performing physician and the hospital.